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There is not a shred of evidence in the entire corpus of Hindu scriptures or archeological findings to suggest that ancient Hindus had any experimental or observational basis to support their contemplative musings. It is impossible for the authors of the vedas or anyone prior to at least the 19th century ce to have had any access to the knowledge and technology that has been indispensable in the development of physics. The path from physics as it stood prior to the 17th century to its current state can only pass through all the important technological advances since. When the famous biologist jbs haldane was asked about the falsifiability of evolution, he replied that that the absurd and impossible discovery of rabbit fossils from the precambrian era would destroy his belief in evolution (600 million years ago- when there was barely any life. Like haldanes proverbial precambrian rabbit, the impossibly likely event of finding fragments of large telescopes among archeological artefacts of ancient India would be sufficient evidence to convince the world of ancient Indias precocity in matters related to modern physics. Meditation and yoga are functions limited to the human brain and the body.

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Every woo-peddler from the homeopath to the climate-denialist has adopted this line of attack. Skepticism and falsifiability are crucial to the method of science. Anyone who has experienced rigorous peer review knows how far from reality. Delusions About Finding Physics in the vedas and Meditation he proceeds to mock how scientists expend effort and money into finding answers that are either, 1) realizable via meditation, 2) given in the vedas. While some secular intellectual achievements of ancient Indians are impressive, these claims by jaggi vasudev are dishonest falsities. Vasudev is misleading his followers and the general public by claiming that the nature and composition of the universe can be discerned by contemplative meditation or by turning to the vedas. Such a claim essay would be laughable had it not been such a common belief among woo-peddlers and their customers. Vasudev takes the standard approach of suggesting that references to infinity, brahman, etc. Are actually scientific comments about the nature of the universe. This is totally false. Modern physics rests heavily on observations and experiments that confirm hypotheses about the physical laws governing the universe.

Vasudev says that yogic systems always claimed that knowing the microcosm is knowing the macrocosm, and tries to portray these claims as being consistent with modern physics. The words microcosm and macrocosm are philosophical or literary terms that dont have rigorous scientific definitions. This makes redundant and harmful, any attempt to link such an interpretation of what is vaguely mentioned in the vedic scriptures to science. Even if short we assume that microcosm and macrocosm relate to the different scales over which phenomena occur, it is grossly wrong to claim that somehow, physical laws are invariant over scale. The most obvious counterexample to such a microcosm-macrocosm equivalence is quantum phenomena which are drastically different from classical phenomena. The second sermon which is a lengthy tiresome elaboration. Vasudevs brand of woo is here: In this sermon, jaggi vasudev ups the ante in his imagined clash with scientists, perhaps emboldened by his appearance on national. He proposes that there is a grand unified community of scientists who are becoming good marketers. Havent we seen enough of such accusations of conspiracy elsewhere in the community of religious apologists?

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That is again, a disingenuous claim as indicated by the derisive tone that. He seems to suggest that they, the scientists, dont know whats going, that theyre just groping in the dark and with each discovery, face the crushing realization that they were wrong all along. In reality, that is a pretty inaccurate reading of essay the life of scientists. The gaps in understanding are rarely a cause of despondency for the scientist. Rather, for the scientists. Vasudevs false dichotomy each known unknown is a remarkable opportunity to seek answers, to sate curiosity. Thus, one of the goals of physicists since the mid-19th century has been to understand the composition of the atom to as fine a detail as possible. Each discovery related to particle physics enables us to get a more detailed and accurate picture of the world around.

Vasudevs own pseudoscientific sermons. Actually, there is no better place to look for Higgs-Boson or any other sub-atomic particle, than in cosmic rays. As Ian Sample points out in this interview, the reason that the massive accelerator was built on the earth was because it is a much cheaper alternative to sending a sufficiently sensitive detector into outer space to look for the higgs boson in cosmic rays. It appears that. Vasudev is also ignorant, willfully or otherwise, of the entire field of cosmology. Only by looking at the universe was. Edwin Hubble able to arrive at the conclusion that the universe is expanding, leading eventually to the development of the big bang theory, and its verification via the discovery of background radiation. Jaggi vasudev casts Scientists as being Ideological rivals of His Cult. Vasudev, they, the scientists first discovered the atom, then groped around, and discovered that there are things still smaller, etc.

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If you look at the road universe, you see nothing. But if you look closely enough into an atom, it yields to c- This sounds so much like what a scientist like carl Sagan would say. Yet, essay this platitude is neither complete, nor accurate. Vasudev intends to portray. Lets assume for a moment that by looking at the universe. Vasudev refers to astrophysics.

He seems to suggest that turning our sensors to the vastness of the universe teaches us nothing about the nature of matter. In reality, astrophysics is crucial to our understanding of the nature of matter. For starters, early particle physics involved studying cosmic rays in cloud chambers. Vasudev could have been useful to the popularization of science and the scientific method had he played on this platitude and suggested to his followers that they build cloud chambers to study cosmic rays, which is an interesting. Diy project for a weekend. Such an exercise would teach us much more about the universe than any.

Vasudev ignorantly claims that 1) yoga attempts to realize the space between particles, 2) scientists seek answers to the same questions (about the space between particles but have given up on their attempt. The first argument has absolutely no scientific basis. The second assertion is a vague claim at best and false at worst, depending on how generous we are in interpreting. If we assume that. Vasudev is aware of the quest for understanding dark matter and dark energy, then he is willfully misrepresenting facts because this is indeed a very hot area of research. Jaggi vasudev states the interesting fact that much of the universe is empty space (e.g.

In each atom, the nucleus and electron are separated by space that consists of nothing, loosely speaking). While it is true that empty space has recently baffled scientists,. Vasudevs description of the science is inaccurate, vague, and incomplete. Compare his loose remark with the impressive and scientifically accurate explanation. Brian Cox (via phil Plait) of this very fact and its implications in simple, yet accurate language. Vasudev, however, attempts to give his sermon a pretense of scientific accuracy. Judging by the number of followers he has, his strategy appears to be reasonably successful.

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Vasudev says, They seem to have found something near to what they are referring to as God particle sic. The higgs boson, that like has a mass of certain significance. Evidently, he knows nothing about what he is saying. If the entire premise. Vasudevs sermon is the affirmation of the existence of a higgs-boson like particle, shouldnt he at the very least, understand what the higgs-boson is? His claim that Higgs boson has a mass of certain significance is not accurate enough to qualify as science. The higgs-boson is a part of the standard model of physics essay and there have been several attempts at explaining the significance of its discovery, such as the video below by jorge Cham of phdcomics.

He attempts a vague exposition on basic physics, by using unsubstantiated but accurate-sounding accounts of the history of modern physics. In the art of spin, such an introduction is probably designed to lend credibility to the scientific accuracy. Vasudevs woo and to establish his physics credentials. Lets examine critically,. Vasudevs claims, while playing along with the ridiculous branding of scientists as with some type of the others. Below, i paraphrase or". Vasudevs claims, and point out how he is always either inaccurate, illogical, factually wrong, or dishonest. Jaggi vasudev does Not Understand Physics.

and his followers suggests that he seeks to represent his organization as a only path. The Truth -type cult. Jaggi vasudev fails to recognize that scientific progress is a remarkable by-product of human ingenuity. He wrongly claims that the scientific method is not the only approach to understanding the universe. At the beginning of the above video,. Vausdev attempts to take listeners on a brief tour of the history of science. More specifically, he mentions facts that most people would remember from high school physics.

In my opinion, writers the sermons are virulently and dishonestly anti-science. It is quite evident that Jaggi vasudev does not understand the basics of the method of science that he self-righteously decries as being inferior. My hypothesis is that Jaggi vasudevs act of interspersing his religious sermon with science is a conscious attempt to appeal to the urbane middle class. Using intelligently misrepresented scientific concepts, jaggi vasudev willfully seeks to discredit the method of science so that his followers adopt his supposedly superior philosophies. The above video is a case study of sorts into how self-styled modern day gurus make their woo-laden sermons appealing to the educated middle class. In general, the educated middle class (in India and elsewhere) is not educated well enough to reject pseudoscience, yet people remember enough science from high school to be awed by popular (mis)representations. Since most people last encounter rigorous science in high school, much of what one should know about science is forgotten later in life.

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Introduction, jaggi vasudev is a self-styled new-age guru whose philosophy and professional agenda are represented by his activities through his organization, the. Isha foundation has steadily been gaining a follower base among the educated middle class in India and among Indian expatriates in usa and other countries. Among other things, Isha foundation and Jaggi vasudev are primarily purveyors of instruction in yoga and meditation. Through their instructional sermons, blogs, interviews, and other literature, they also dish out unscientific advice about life, health, and diet. This image from cern shows simulations of proton collisions- of the kind that was used in the higgs boson experiments at cern. (Source: The new York times, july 9 2012). Vasudev has recently given a few sermons, which, are plainly speaking, anti-science. He tries to cast scientists as being naive outsiders to the supposedly wonderful world governed by the laws described in his pseudoscientific philosophy.

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  6. Jaggi vasudev is a self-styled new-age guru whose philosophy and agenda are represented by his activities through his organization, the. Isha, foundation has steadily been gaining a follower base among the educated middle class in India and among Indian expatriates in usa and other countries.

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