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"pmp certified will not match. When you are building public visibility on social media, matching every employer's terminology is impossible, so the best you can do is focus on the terms used by your target employers or the terms used by most employers if you don't have any specific targets. More on meeting the needs of multiple employers below. Recruiters do search the web, particularly linkedIn, applicant tracking systems, and other social media for qualified candidates. So, being find-able is very important. Spell everything Correctly i've seen so many deadly spelling mistakes in LinkedIn Profiles. When you spell a keyword incorrectly, you have eliminated yourself from the search results for that keyword.

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So the name you use in your applications needs to match your other online professional visibility (like your LinkedIn Profile). If nothing associated with your name is found, you are not viewed as a "ghost" (someone, suspiciously, with no online professional visibility). These searches are typically done using google, linkedIn, facebook, twitter, and other social networks. Using social networks smartly is a simple easy way to become find-able, as long as you focus on your keywords, including your name. Read, managing your google resume, your Most Important keywords, and, defensive googling to understand how to manage your personal online reputation. Optimize your Resume and Social Media to be found paying attention to the terms used in the job description is not optional for most employers now because of the widespread use of applicant tracking systems and resume databases. Use the right Words When you are responding to a specific opportunity, use a customized resume or application tailored for that specific opportunity. If you try to use a single version of your resume to apply for every job, chances are slim that you will succeed because you might not be using the right terms in your application. For example, essay the job description may specify someone who has experience as a "project manager" and who holds a "pmp certification." If you are a project manager with a pmp certification but your application reads "pmp certified project mgr your application will very likely not. "project mgr" and "pmp certification".

Employers also search relevant social networks, too, like linkedIn, facebook, and Twitter. They also search professional and information sharing sites GetHub, medium, quora, and many more, depending on their specific requirements. This searching by employers is a fact of life. So, smart job seekers adapt to this relentless searching, and learn how to beat the competition - the people who aren't paying attention. How, employers search, depending on the employer's reason for research, employers search two primary ways: to find those qualified candidates. When they are seeking candidates qualified for their job opening, they search using the requirements of the job. For example, if they job required someone who could use microsoft Office, they would search using the keywords, "Microsoft Office." They might also search for people with relevant job titles, like "administrative assistant." These searches are typically done using google, linkedIn, and/or the employer's applicant. To screen applicants, when a job has been posted and they are researching business the applicants for that job, they typically search the Internet for the applicant's name.

indeed resume alerts

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The results of those studies are not really surprising. Think about the times you are considering an investment (of your time, your money, or both). You use a search engine to research and evaluate your options: which car, smart phone, restaurant, book, etc. Is the best investment for you? Similarly, employers hiring new employees are making big investments, too. The process itself is expensive, but more expensive is a "bad hire" - someone who does damage or who needs to be replaced summary too loyalty soon. To avoid making a bad hire, employers research the people who apply for their jobs. Where, employers search, search options are not limited to the big search engines like google and Bing.

Being found by potential clients or customers. Re-connecting with old friends and former colleagues. Currently, the places to be found are google (which is the dominant search engine with over 70 of the searches in the usa in 2018) and LinkedIn (which is the dominant professional social network). To be effective, the method used to be found, usually, is building an online presence in LinkedIn and other social media and other options discussed in this guide. Recruiters and Employers search Constantly, the availability of the Internet and the many online recruiting platforms provides many options for both employers and job seekers. Depending on where employers are in the recruiting process, they do different kinds of searching. Recent studies have shown that more than 90 percent of employers and recruiters use search engines to: Find job candidates who are qualified for their jobs. Research the people who have applied for their job postings to help separate the qualified from the unqualified.

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indeed resume alerts

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Say what you like indeed, but that's definitely not as good as you used. I'm not contacting you because you'll ask for money, and from what i've read here, that's not a good idea. Only the gifted latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Joyce, search engine optimization seo is defined as creating web content that ranks well in relevant searches. Appearing in the results for a search on your name or your skills is known as personal, sEO.

The foundation of personal seo is using the keywords (terms used by the people searching) most appropriate for you. For a successful job search and career today, personal seo is a necessity. Not being found (also known as being "invisible kills your credibility, and labels you as "out-of-date" or, worse, fake. Benefits of Effective personal seo, having solid personal seo (visibility in search engine results) provides you with many opportunities, including: being considered for a job without applying. Being invited to a job interview as the result of an application. Being hired for a job after passing this screen.

This resume example integrates the basic guidelines of writing a resume that gains a job interview. The information has been set out in the reversed chronological format. You can take reference from this resume to improve/polish your existing resume. This outline of the template can be used for any kind of job. This resume example is indeed a great way to start the writing process.

Get the best out of your job application by writing a resume similiar to the the above one. Indeed has gone downhill. Used to be a great site for advertising jobs for free, but now a free job advert will get 0 views, even after hours of being listed. If you sort by date, old jobs from days ago will show up as New. Sometimes browsing the local area won't show jobs we've posted at all. The site used to be great and we had lots of hits, now we're buried and unsearchable, presumably because we didn't pay. Edit: less than 30 views after a week.

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Handled the tasks of identifying and repairing defect equipment and conduct research on failure alerts. Handled the schedule maintenance activities and testing of ship systems. Responsible for preparing operational reports and maintaining the record maintenance systems. Handled the responsibilities of preparing technical manuals and operational guidelines under the guidelines of the senior staff. Performed all other job responsibilities as required. Educational qualifications : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Ohio engineering College in the year 2009. Most of the resumes sent for job applications have certain short comings. Some lack in information and some in organizing the flow/structure of content.

indeed resume alerts

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of main and auxiliary engines of the ship. Handled the responsibilities of installing, repairing and testing electrical systems of the ship. Assigned the tasks of monitoring the functionalities and conduct preventive maintenance of hydraulic and mechanical systems. Carried out the responsibilities of maintenance of engine room auxiliaries, testing and repairing tools and equipment. Performed the tasks of checking summary oil flow in boilers, maintaining the heating and cooling systems. Assigned the responsibilities of monitoring and logging the consumption of fuel and navigation of radar systems. Organization: Ohio marine Inc, Ohio, designation: Junior Merchant Marine Engineer, tenure: 2009 to 2011. Assigned the responsibilities of operating and maintaining the systems of the ship to provide support in smooth operation.

marine engineering in a renowned organization. Professional skills : Knowledge of marine engineering principles and standard procedures. Detailed information about marine operating systems and preventive maintenance procedures. Extensive knowledge of operation and maintenance procedures of marine systems. Possess excellent troubleshooting, communication, and problem solving skills. Ability to respond to emergency situations quickly and effectively. Skilled in identifying defective parts and performing repairing and replacing of parts. Professional History : Organization: Marine Shipping, Ohio, designation: Merchant Marine Engineer, tenure: 2011 till date.

A merchant marine engineer is an engineer who provides engineering services, especially in the operation and maintenance of marine systems. The main job activity is to oversee the operation of electrical and mechanical systems of marine vessels. This engineer also requires the knowledge of installing and commissioning the marine system parts and equipment. The responsibilities of a merchant marine engineer include maintaining and monitoring ships' equipment and machinery, checking oil flow in boilers, controlling and adjusting engine speeds, lubricating ship internal systems, maintaining and repairing boilers and pumps, maintaining electrical systems, operating ships and complex machines, repairing and. A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering is the required educational criteria of becoming a merchant marine engineer. The job demands excellent knowledge of marine operating systems, repairing and maintenance guidelines, repairing tools brief and equipment, and standard practices of marine engineering. A merchant marine engineer should possess strong management, communication, and problem solving skills.

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Home engineering Resume » Sample merchant Marine Engineer Resume. The approach of writing a resume should be simple and target oriented. Resume is a personal advertisement of professional related skills and job experience. It, therefore, has to be good enough to get the desired result. This resume example is a technique to build an effective and successful resume. The goal of this resume is to help employers in picking your profile from thousands of job applicants. This merchant marine engineer resume makes use of proper jargon that meets the industry standards. This example will help you in achieving a job interview. Hope, it assists you in your complete writing process.

indeed resume alerts
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  4. Resume, sEO) which increases your chances of being found in a resume database search.

  5. Employers post jobs to multiple sites. Indeed alerts via e-mail, and also to my phone, so i always knew when and where to apply. 3 key ares to focus your keyword research and usage to improve your resumes searchability (.

  6. Indeed, job, alerts are capped at 20 results per notification. You cannot enter your resume and apply to jobs directly. CareerCast helps job seekers find a job, create a resume, get email job alerts, read career news and best job rankings.

  7. This resume example is indeed a great way to start the writing process. Handled the tasks of identifying and repairing defect equipment and conduct research on failure alerts. Search thousands of jobs, post your resume and take advantage of all the free career tools for accounting and.

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