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essay on if i met a genie

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I wanted to take him an orange, but was not allowed to see him. So i went to gustav, who was very much delighted with the paper for the walls of the forts. He thanks you very much indeed and greatly admires the cheapness of things in Magdeburg. My school time-table has been changed a good deal, for my lessons start. I have not yet played with the soldiers, but will do so soon. I often wish I were at Pobles, too, and thank our grandparents very heartily for the nice stay i had there. Remember me most affectionately to them and also to Uncles Edmund, Theobald, Oscar, and to our aunts. Keep well and write frequent letters to your brother, friedrich wilhelm nietzsche.

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The nurse in question fainted immediately, but the child is supposed to have given vent to a shriek loud enough for a child a year old. He has already received two orders: the Cross of the legion of Honour, and one other military order. Mother asked for a glass of sugared water just as the train entered the station. We quickly ate the sugar and wanted to get away to our train, but were stopped by the waiter who wanted change. We could not settle with him until at length he gave me one more sugar cake. We could scarcely find any room in the train, but at last found two seats. On reaching naumburg we drove in with Bocher. When we reached the door of the house, little eosa, mine, and Ottos were standing there and were very glad to see us back; but grandmamma said she would have been ever so pleased if you had been with. You will certainly be delighted with Pobles, for it is a very pretty place. I suppose you often play at ball and will be able to hit it better than I can when you come back. I have just heard that William is very ill; peer he has rheumatic fever.

He died in 1912. French critic and historian, best known to English readers by his history of English literature and " Les Origines de la France contemporaine. " nietzsche summary to his Sister - march, 1856 edit naumburg, march 30, 1856 dear elizabeth: As mother is writing to you to-day i am sending you a short note to put with hers. First of all, let me describe our journey. On the way to weissenfels there was nothing i objected to more than the piercing wind, and in this respect my two coats served me in good stead. We reached the station almost an hour before the train came. In the station buffet I read the vossische zeitung, which had a good deal to say about the Imperial baby. 2 It is said to have three nurses and three governesses, one of the former having allowed him to fall.

essay on if i met a genie

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She was acquainted with Garibaldi, richard and Cosima wagner, nietzsche, liszt, Princess Wittgenstein, etc. Her principal book is "Memoiren einer Idealistin." She died in Rome, 1903. A young and very beautiful Alsatian woman, who was married and lived in Paris. "My brother's letters biography to her are couched in a warmer language than those of mere friendship says Frau forster nietzsche, "but they are nevertheless full of delicacy and chivalrous tenderness." Ritschl, friedrich Wilhelm, famous philologist, Professor at Bonn and leipzig, whose pupil nietzsche was. It was Ritschl who recommended the young nietzsche to the University of Bale, where he became a professor at the early age. His friendship with nietzsche dates from July, 1876, when they met at bayreuth. For further details of this friendship see seidlitz's article in the " neue deutsche rundschau june, 1899. Strindberg, august, born 1849, the famous Swedish author, scholar and playwright.

He became later on a royal Chamberlain. Knortz, karl, Professor in evansville (Indiana,. who tried to transmit to Americans the latest publications of German literature including the nietzschean philosophy. Krug, gustav, one of the earliest intimates of nietzsche, a member of a distinguished naumburg family. He became a high government official and died in Freiburg in Breisgau in 1902. Meysenbug, malvida von, born 1816, sister of the badenian statesman, Freiherr von meysenbug. She lived since 1848 in London and was governess in the house of Alexander Herzen.

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essay on if i met a genie

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Deussen, paul, one of nietzsche's school-fellows kannada at Pforta. He was born in 1845. He was an admirer of Schopenhauer and a student of Indian philosophy. He taught at kiel University and died during the great war. Karl, a musician whose acquaintance with nietzsche dates back to better 1872.

He lectured on "The birth of Tragedy." Gast, peter, whose real name was heinrich Koselitz. A composer whose acquaintance with nietzsche dates back to the publication of the "Birth of Tragedy." he was the most, nay the only, faithful of nietzsche's friends. He died a few years ago in weimar. For exact details of this friendship see the preface which Peter Gast wrote to his edition of nietzsche's letters (volume 4 of German edition, Insel Verlag, 1908). Gersdorff, freiherr Karl von. One of nietzsche's school-fellows at Pforta and a member of the landed aristocracy.

This last publication, which is meant to be a monumental achievement in six volumes, is praised in the literary times of August 11, 1921, as "the recognition by an eminent French professorial writer of the genius of Germany." There is, however, a slight inaccuracy. The genius of Germany has made for barbarism, the genius of nietzsche should make for culture. It is in this hope that this publication goes forth into an unsettled world. Oscar levy royal societies club,. James's Street, london,.

Notes On nietzsche's Correspondents edit baumgarten, frau marie. Wife of a well-known manufacturer in Lorrach in Baden. She translated "Thoughts Out of season" parts 3 and 4, into French, but only "Richard Wagner á bayreuth" actually appeared. She died in 1897. Brandes, georg, danish author and critic of European and American reputation. He was born in 1842 and is still living. Billow, hans von, 1830-94, famous conductor and composer belonging to the wagner-Liszt circle. First husband of Cosima liszt, who afterwards married Richard Wagner. Burckhardt, jacob, the well-known art critic and historian, Professor at Bale University, author of "The civilization of the renaissance the "Cicerone etc.

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Water, rubbish and filth, far and wide that is what it looks like from a distance. I beg a thousand pardons, if I have hurt your nobler feelings by stating this, but for me present-day germany, however much it may bristle, hedgehog-like with arms, i have no longer any respect. It represents the stupidest, most depraved and most mendacious form of the german spirit that has ever existed. I forgive no one for compromising with it in any way, even if his name be richard Wagner, " front etc. And this is the man who is said to have incited his countrymen to another war of conquest! But truth will out, even in literature. It does come out in this correspondence, which, it may be safely predicted, will mark the end of the "moral" crusade against one of the world's purest spirits. It will further more act as a stimulant to the nietzsche controversy in England and America, just as in France Prof. Andler's 1 book has revived the interest in the german philosopher.

essay on if i met a genie

Throughout his whole life this lonely man fought against his Fatherland and for true enlightenment: for harmony between body and soul, between peoples and races, between authorities and subjects. It will be a revelation to many who are still under the influence of the singular misunderstanding that nowhere was pre-war Germany more fiercely denounced than in the writings of this German (who was, by the way, half a pole and who was, in fact. The anti-Prussian, anti-german, anti-nationalistic current runs thesis throughout the whole of nietzsche's correspondence. At the height of Germany's victory in 1870 nietzsche wrote from Bale (Nov. 7, 1870 "As regards the conditions of culture in the immediate future i feel the deepest misgivings. If only we are not forced to pay too dearly for this huge national success in a quarter where i at least refuse to suffer any loss. Between ourselves: I regard the Prussia of to-day as a power full of the greatest danger for culture. " nietzsche never wavered in his deep distrust and his fierce denial of Imperial Germany; when near the end of his spiritual life we still find him writing from Nice under date of February 24, 1887: "German politics are only another form of permanent winter. It seems to me that Germany for the last 15 years has become a regular school of besotment.

those moments of happy inspiration and intoxication which gave his best work to posterity? "la nevrose est la rangon du genie" nervousness is the penalty of genius. but throughout these letters, which start in early youth and go to the last moment of his spiritual life, there is not the slightest trace of any lack of judgment, and only once, towards the end, a sign of the threatening doom: everything, apart from. Why the cry of insanity should ever have been raised against nietzsche is hard to understand, all the more so as a similar reproach has never been thought sufficient to discredit the work of other famous authors or philosophers who happened to be visited. No one has ever doubted Swift's genius because his brain became clouded towards the end of his life, and August Comte, who actually published his principal books after a confinement in a lunatic asylum and an attempted suicide in the seine, is still a highly. But there is another and still more serious legend which should be destroyed by this publication. It is nietzsche's reputed responsibility for the world War. We all remember that he—together with some minor authors—was accused of being the poisoner of the modern German mind whose former "idealism" and "romanticism" nietzsche was said to have entirely perverted and led into unwholesome materialistic channels. Now it will be seen from these letters that there was no more outspoken critic of the german Empire and its crude and superficial "Kultur" than Friedrich nietzsche.

september, 1882 84 nietzsche to peter Gast - february, 1883 85 nietzsche to peter Gast - february, 1883 86 nietzsche to peter Gast - march, 1883 87 nietzsche to peter Gast - april, 1883 88 to freiherr Karl Von Gersdorff - june, 1883. Private letters are now recognized all the world over as a most important supplementary trait to a literary man's portrait, revealing as they do the more homely and intimate side of an author's mind and character. The special and additional value qualitative of nietzsche's private correspondence consists in this, that here we have a writer of the most forbidding aspect, a prophet of almost superhuman inspiration, a hermit inhabiting a desert of icy glaciers, coming down, so to say, to the inhabited. He who still doubted that behind nietzsche's violent denunciation of his age there was an ardent love of humanity and an eagerness to promote it to a nobler Destiny; he who still looked askance at a thinker whose ideas were thrown out hotly and abruptly. The friends of nietzsche—and nietzsche has many friends in all climes and amongst all races—will be delighted to see their hero in the light of their own wishes and imaginations, while the enemies of nietzsche—and he still has many and by no means unworthy enemies—will. One concerns the great and often ventilated question of nietzsche's mental condition and responsibility. It has been frequently stated that his final breakdown, which occurred in 1888, and which lasted till his death in 1900, was foreshadowed in his writings long ago, and that his "insanity" was the actual and only excuse for the philosopher's haughty contempt for and. But where, in the light of these letters, is the insanity?

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206167Selected Letters of Friedrich nietzscheFriedrich nietzscheAnthony. Contents 1 Preface 2 Notes On nietzsche's loyalty Correspondents 3 nietzsche to his Sister - march, 1856 4 nietzsche to his Mother - november, 1859 5 nietzsche to his Mother - february, 1862 6 nietzsche to his Mother - november, 1862 7 nietzsche to his Mother. Seydlitz - september, 1876 55 to freiherr Karl Von Gersdorff - may, 1876 56 to madame louise. september, 1876 57 to rohde - august, 1877 58 to madame louise. august, 1877 59 to seydlitz - january, 1878 60 nietzsche to malvida von meysenbug - june, 1878 61 nietzsche to peter Gast - march, 1879 62 nietzsche to his Mother And Sister - april, 1879 63 nietzsche to the President Of The Educational council. Krug - november, 1880 71 to rohde - march, 1881 72 nietzsche to peter Gast - april, 1881 73 nietzsche to his Sister - june, 1881 74 nietzsche to peter Gast - august, 1881 75 nietzsche to his Mother - august, 1881 76 nietzsche. Krug - february, 1882 81 nietzsche to his Sister - february, 1882 82 to rohde - july, 1882 83 to madame louise.

essay on if i met a genie
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