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bba student resume

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Note: Not open to ibba students for credit. Course Credit Exclusion: AP/hist 1090.00 (prior to fall 2009 ak/hist 2110.00 (for bba students only) Plus.00 credits of non-Schulich elective courses year.00 management accounting concepts this core course stresses the understanding of basic accounting concepts which underlie management decisions for performance. Emphasis is placed on applying these concepts in case situations, rather than on technical aspects of management accounting. Note: This course cannot be completed via the mba program as a guided Study course. Corequisite: SB/actg 2011.00 course Credit Exclusion: GL/econ 2720.00, as/econ 3590.00, as/econ 3590.00 (prior to fall 2009) mgmt 2040.00 ethics, social responsibility sustianability in business this simulation game, choose-your-own adventure course uses student-centered learning to teach critical thinking and ethical decision-making. The course introduces basic concepts and arguments of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Student-selected issues are analyzed to teach critical thinking skills, practices, techniques, attitudes and principles for evaluating ones own and others ethical reasoning applied to the contemporary demands of business management. Orgs 2100.00 individuals and groups in organizations this core course provides an introduction to the study of organizations from a behavioural science frame of reference.

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Readings from current publications are used to demonstrate practical applications of distillery the issues discussed in class. Classroom techniques such as case studies, classroom discussions, student presentations and group and individual research projects (intended to develop students' critical skills) are employed. Note: SB/actg 2011.00 is not available to exchange students visiting Schulich unless it is a full year exchange and SB/actg 2010.00 is taken in the fall. Course Credit Exclusion: GL/econ 2710.030, ap/econ 3580.030, ap/econ 4200.0, ak/econ 3580.00 (prior to fall 2009) actg 2011.00 introduction to financial accounting ii this two-course sequence develops students' understanding of financial accounting information so that they can be informed and effective users. Prerequisite: SB/ actg 2010.03 course Credit Exclusion: GL/econ 2710.030, as/econ 3580.0.00 marketing management this core course examines the managerial problems involved in formulating and implementing marketing plans in business and nonprofit enterprises. Emphasis is placed on the importance of buying behaviour in influencing marketing decisions. Each element of market responsibility (product development, pricing policy, promotional planning and relationships with marketing channels) is examined. The course develops an understanding of the importance of an integrated marketing program and of the need to relate marketing to other departments within the enterprise. Mgmt 1030.00 history of capitalism: structures, agents, artefacts this core course provides students with a deeper understanding of the world they live. It examines the historical forces that have shaped global capitalism, looking at the evolution of business organizations, different sectors, key stakeholders and their effect on individuals and society, both globally and in Canada. The course also helps develop critical thinking, analysis, reading, and writing skills.

Mgmt slogan 1000.00 managing contemporary enterprise this core course covers management concepts and theories on a wide range of topics (e.g., strategy, marketing, finance) all within a "Sustainability mindset" highlighting the societal, economic and environmental context of contemporary business. It provides a solid foundation for helping students develop the general management skills (e.g., teamwork, decision making) required for succeeding in the dynamic workplace of the 21st century. Mgmt 1050.00 business analytichis core course will present the elements of basic statistics, probability and statistical modelling. It covers statistical measures of centrality and dispersion and graphical representation of data. The basic rules of probability covering marginal, joint and conditional probabilities, and some of the standard probability distributions are presented. The course also introduces estimation, hypothesis testing, anova, and regression analysis. Actg 2010.00 introduction to financial accountinhis two core course sequence develops students' understanding of financial accounting information so that they can be informed and effective users of the information. The courses focus on uses of accounting information for different decisions and from different stakeholder perspectives, and consider the economic and behavioural effects that accounting treatments have on users and preparers.

bba student resume

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Students with a cumulative gpa.50 or above will be awarded their degree with distinction (this will appear on both the transcript and the degree parchment). Fourth year bba and ibba students who have completed the required 120.00 credits to graduate from the program by the end of the winter term of their 4th year of study will be required to convocate in the Spring. Courses taken in the summer following year 4 will not be counted towards the degree requirements or used to calculate the overall gpa. Curriculum overview view details Hide details The bba curriculum consists of a carefully designed mix of core business studies, business electives, and electives taken through Yorks ten other empire faculties, providing students with a well-rounded management education. Click below for a more detailed overview of the curriculum by year. View program requirements Hide program requirements year 1 Click on the course code to view the full description. Econ 1000.00 introduction to microeconomics no course description found. Econ 1010.00 introduction to macroeconomics no course description found.

While academic performance is important, Schulich is looking for well-rounded students who can also demonstrate leadership potential, teamwork experience, resilience, and empathy towards others. The fall 2018 supplementary application will be available online in november 2017. Application deadlines, to be considered for admission, applicants must apply through the. Ontario universities Application Centre (ouac) and complete a supplementary application. Fall 2018 ouac application deadline, direct-Entry Ontario high School Applicants (Year 1 january 17, 2018. Direct-Entry non-Ontario high School Applicants (Year 1 january 31, 2018 York delayed-Entry Applicants (Year 2 ouac application not required Fall 2018 Supplementary Application deadline direct-Entry Ontario high School Applicants (Year 1 january 31, 2018 Direct-Entry non-Ontario high School Applicants (Year 1 february 7, 2018 York. As a direct-entry program, students will begin their core business curriculum right from term. Available delivery options Direct-Entry 48 to 60 months Delayed-Entry 36-48 months Location(s) Schulich School of Business - keele campus Graduation Requirements The successful completion of 120.00 credits of university-level study, with a minimum cumulative gpa.00. The completion of specific courses within the required 120.00 credits listed in the curriculum overview Charts section of the Undergraduate Academic Handbook.

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bba student resume

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The Schulich Supplementary Application will be available in mid-november 2017. Academic Performance, the summary Schulich School of Business receives thousands of applications each year for several hundred spaces. To be competitive, applicants should aim for a high 80s/low 90s average. Academic Requirements: Direct Entry Applicants, to be eligible for admission, Ontario high school applicants must complete *ENG4U, *MHF4u, and mcv4U or mdm4U as part of their top six grade 12 courses. A minimum of 70 in eng4U and mhf4U is required. No more than two 4M courses will be considered for admission. For Direct Entry academic requirements outside of Ontario, visit.

Academic Requirements: York delayed Entry Applicants. Please note, due to Schulichs small program write size, we are not able to accept applications from transfer students currently studying outside of York. If you are interested in transferring to a different business program at York, please view Yorks eligible programs. Current York students who have completed the required prerequisite courses may be considered for admission to year 2 of the bba or ibba program. Complete requirements and prerequisite course information, as well as the application packages, are available below: Supplementary Application, the supplementary application is used to provide the admissions team with a better understanding of the complete student.

Through your choice of Schulichs cutting edge specializations, your entrepreneurial spirit and the skills you acquire working with very talented and motivated classmates, you will be sought after by top employers. Whether as an Investment Banking Analyst, Assistant Brand Manager, marketing Research Analyst or Staff Accountant pursuing your cpa designation, the Schulich bba will provide you with the platform to succeed. As a schulich bba student, youll have access to the Schulich Career development Centre (CDC). Benefit from individual industry and career advising with our certified coaches, who have a unique combination of knowledge and experience in major industries. Meet alumni, recruiters and corporate leaders at corporate information sessions and other cdc events as well as get online access to the very best career tools available.

Our bba could lead you to an exciting career in an organization such. The Schulich bba in numbers, choose your competitive career advantage. At Schulich, our expertise in various specialized areas of study will help you meet your unique career objectives and give you a competitive career advantage. View specializations Hide specializations, bba program Details by category. Admission Requirements, view details Hide details, admission to the bba or ibba program is based on two equally weighted criteria: your academic performance. Your supplementary application, the application process consists of two parts : your, ontario universities Application Centre (ouac) application, and your Schulich Supplementary Application. You can apply via ouac as soon as you have received your ouac pin code.

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I would like to conclude by saying that these three years of my life at mit-som college have helped me in becoming a positive and self-driven individual. I look forward to many more learning experiences at mit-som college and beyond. Also, i would like to thank all the faculty members who have supported me throughout my journey. I feel fortunate to be a part of this college. Want to learn more? Schulich creates a culture that lets you succeed, your way. The bba showed me there is no timeline for success professional - it allowed me to find my passion all on my own, thanks to valuable workshops, different specializations and inspiring speakers in the classroom. Ajaypal Singhbba, 2015, chart your career path.

bba student resume

Jyoti kakkar, to pen down the experience at mit-som college is itself truly exciting. At mit-som college, you are not just learning management theory, you are learning life and real world scenarios. There are several regina clubs including the dance and drama clubs which make sure you are having your share of fun too. My college not only provides us with knowledge, but aims at developing the entire persona of an individual. The extremely supportive and friendly faculty is always there to guide you, evaluate you and point out where you can improve and always appreciate your efforts! The part that I like the most is that here, teachers actually spend their time and energy happily in making you a better person. Communicating and interacting with students from diverse backgrounds has been a really enriching learning experience.

to reflect on my experience as a student. The education that I have received has left a lasting impression which I will carry throughout my career in the business world. Our college takes the term interactive classroom to another level by providing us with opportunities for various industrial visits, live projects as well as develops our research aptitudes by allowing us to work on monographs, research papers, power point presentations, as well as learning how. The professors that I have had the privilege to receive guidance and advice have real life experiences that complement their teaching methods and help do justice to the course material. Each professor's genuine compassion for the student's progression allows one to excel in a small environment and become a name rather than a number." The professors of mitsom college have always instilled in us a perspective-build yourself likrand". Nupoor durve, maeer's mitsom college has been a turning point in my life and a stepping stone towards a brighter future. It has molded me to become a polished and confident person and most importantly a good human being. All thanks to my teachers who always motivated and guided me and noticed that little spark within me; to my principal who is more like a friend, philosopher and guide and also to the office staff who has been very co-operative.

While diverse in our backgrounds as well as nationalities, we the students are united by our motivation to succeed and provide meaningful contribution as individuals. Mitsom college has proposal proved to be the best platform which has offered us with a comprehensive study environment along with a professional discipline base. Madhav gandhi ty bba batch 2017. It has been said that every journey has its share of ups and downs but I can proudly say that my journey of mitsm college has only been through ups and ups. This is because mitsom college ensures overall development of students. Studying here is once in a life time experience. There are ample opportunities provided by mitsom college to develop the potential talent of students in their field of interest, be it academics or the exposure required to strive through the corporate world. I must add that faculties at mitsom college are the backbone. The environment of the college and relations with the faculties has always been motivating and supporting.

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Bca fresher resume format plan 33 Voted 3315 view, setting Up a resume Free resume builder And Download Nursing Resume Clinical Experience make a good Resume Usajobs Sample resume Attractive resume Free online resume builder What to write On Email When Sending Resume Online resume Checker. Additional features, related Images. Y bbm(IB) Batch 2017 "An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - benjamin Franklin. Mitsom college places great emphasis on the quality of learning process. Here, the classes are stimulating and co-curricular activities enjoyable. The aspect which helped me to excel was the constant encouragement from my faculty. The studies are supported by numerous mentoring seminars lectures combined with research insights. Students are the centre focus of mitsom college, i have got several opportunities to develop my teamwork and management skills through actively organising and participating in intercollegiate events.

bba student resume
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  2. Submit the Student Volunteer Application with a resume. Have a gpa of at least.5. We request the bba and bca candidate to Attach your Resume formats. Vidyarthiplus (V) - indian Students Online Education Forum Students Careers resume format and Samples bba.

  3. Resume format In Pdf. March 26, 2018June 8, 2018 admin. Resume format in pdf professional format inside job resume format download resume format for teachers pdf free download. We are looking for 1-5 volunteers that can be tutors to our mba or bba students.

  4. I/bba students have access to an exciting variety of co-curricular activities to enrich their time at Schulich and diversify their resumes. Use our University Student resume sample to create your own great resume for entry level jobs. Also learn about common resume mistakes to avoid. Share This: Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Facebook.

  5. In the second year of bba, a student is offered training in soft skills such as Preparation of Group Discussions and Personal interviews( gd and pi personality development, resume writing. Being part of a student club is an amazing opportunity to make friends for life and boost your resumé. Some of the edhec international bba student clubs are joint with edhec master, such.

  6. Objectives; to work in a competitive environment, where i can utilize. Ready to use resume cv samples templates collection on Paperpk. If in doubt, students should consult the bba office regarding the acceptable equivalent prerequisite modules. They will learn job search strategies, resume writing, interviewing skills, understanding.

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