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resume book reviews

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Further, it is shown that within-group charity and altruism have been facilitated by strong social controls within traditional Jewish communities which enforced a high level of within-group altruism. Traditional Jewish communities were also characterized by strong social controls against Jews who cooperated with gentiles against Jewish interests or who patronized gentile businesses or aided gentiles in economic activities. Finally, data are discussed indicating that there were limits on within-group altruism among Jews. Although altruism toward poor Jews was an important aspect of Judaism, there was also discrimination against poorer Jews, especially in times of economic and demographic crises. There was also discrimination between different Jewish groups as recipients of altruistic behavior as a function of genetic distance. Chapter 7 discusses hypotheses related to the issue of whether Judaism constitutes an ecologically specialized evolutionary strategy.

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All of these practices date from very early stages of the diaspora. This chapter surveys these ideologies and behaviors, particularly their role in severely limiting the numbers of gentile converts to judaism and preventing intermarriage between Jews and gentiles. Chapter 5 reviews evidence for resource and reproductive competition between Jews and gentiles, as well essay as for the proposition that anti-semitism has been strongest among those gentile groups most in competition with Jews. Evidence is reviewed indicating that Jews were commonly utilized as an intermediary group between a system ruling elite (and especially alien elites) and the native population. In these situations the elite gentile group actively encouraged and profited from Jewish economic interests to the detriment of other sectors of the native population. After summarizing data on this type of relationship in widely dispersed parts of the world and widely separated points in time, separate sections are then devoted to jewish/gentile resource and reproductive competition in a wide range of economic activities in Spain prior to the Inquisition. Chapter 6 discusses data indicating the importance of kin- based cooperation and altruism within Judaism, its role in resource competition with gentiles, and its importance in maintaining cohesion within the jewish community. Data are presented indicating that Jewish economic activities have often been characterized by a high degree of nepotism and within-group charity which is central to conceptualizing Judaism as an evolutionary strategy. Group rather than individual interests have been of primary importance throughout Jewish history, so that,. G., there were sanctions on individual Jews to ensure that the total resource flow into the group was maximized rather than allow individual Jews to maximize their resource acquisition.

It is shown that much of the ideology of Judaism as an evolutionary strategy for maintaining genetic and cultural segregation in a biography diaspora context is apparent in the writings of Priestly stratum of the tanakh. There is scholarly agreement that this material was written by Israelite priests during the period of the babylonian exile. It is proposed, therefore, that Judaism as an experiment in living dates from this period (6th-5th centuries. Chapter 4 discusses those aspects of Jewish religious ideology and practice that have facilitated the genetic and cultural separation of Jews and gentiles, and is thus relevant to the hypothesis that Judaism is a self-chosen, genetically fairly closed evolutionary strategy. Of the hundreds of human groups in the ancient world, judaism was the only one that avoided the powerful tendencies toward cultural and genetic assimilation characteristic of Western societies. Judaism as a group strategy depends on the development of social controls reinforcing group identity and preventing high levels of genetic admixture from surrounding groups. This genetic separation has been facilitated by a variety of cultural practices: religious practices and beliefs, language and mannerisms, physical appearance, customs, occupations, and living in physically separated areas which were administered by jews according to jewish civil and criminal law.

resume book reviews

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This material is relevant to the hypothesis that Judaism represents a group strategy which is fairly (but not completely) closed to penetration from gentile gene pools. The data indicate that Jews have remained genetically distinct from the groups they have lived among despite having lived among them for centuries. In addition, jewish populations in very diverse areas have significantly more genetic commonality than is the case between Jews and the gentile populations they have lived among for centuries. This is illustrated in the following figure from Kobyliansky and Micle (1982 This page includes a figure from the hammer. Article showing genetic distances between various Jewish and non-Jewish populations. Chapter 3 discusses some preliminary issues which are important for the general theory that Judaism constitutes an example of a religion that can be viewed as a group evolutionary strategy. There is a pronounced tendency toward idealizing endogamy proposal and condemning exogamy apparent in the writings of the tanakh. The importance of consanguineous marriages and extended kinship relationships is also very apparent in these writings, especially for understanding the activities of the patriarchs.

"heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated." -Thomas paine All written and graphic materials on this site not otherwise attributed or in the. All rights are reserved. George michael, a political scientist at the University of Virginia-wise, has written an academic article summarizing my writing on Judaism. It also reviews some of the criticisms leveled at my work, and contains an interview with. Chapter 1 develops the basic theoretical perspective of the book, including especially the idea of a group evolutionary strategy. Group evolutionary strategies are proposed to be theoretically unconstrained on a variety of dimensions, and the remaining chapters flesh out the specific characteristics of Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy. Group strategies are viewed as experiments in living which can be developed and maintained by purely cultural processes, although a later chapter discusses how variation in evolved systems may predispose individuals to form cohesive, genetically exclusive groups. Of critical importance are within-group social controls and their rationalizing ideology which.) effectively limit exogamy;.) enforce cultural segregation;.) promote within-group charity and economic cooperation; and.) structure mating opportunities within the group in a manner which ensures that there will be eugenic. Chapter 2 discusses the evidence from modern studies on population genetic differences between Jews and gentiles.

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resume book reviews

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I'm even considering making this my new avenue of law practice." Nancy "Ana" Garner, jd "Thank you for the most informative, wonderful book i have read in ages." Andy valisalo,. Lauderdale, florida i want to express my congratulations and my gratitude for such an exhaustive and thorough work as 'Cracking the code. "I found it extraordinarily enlightening." Carl Stewart, saint Cloud, Florida ".the best info i have ever read." Charles boulton, lacenter, kentucky click here to read reviews and additional reader comments, find out more about Ctc, and get beethoven your own copy. Or, click here to start with a short drill-down on some of the key elements of the tax; click here for a very-easily-understood model of how the tax actually works; and then get CtC and learn the whole liberating truth. Click here for the answers to a few faqs (Who is this guy? What do the courts have to say about this?

Wouldn't the government have to shut down if everyone learned and made use of the truth about the income tax?) * "I confidently trust that the American people will prove o wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish. senator Carl Schurz, october 17, 1899 The lost Horizons News Want to get on the free newsletter mailing list? . Just email your name to subscribeme 'at' m using the address you want added! Order books The lost Horizons Bulletin board * the price of being right corrupt elements in the federal government have been trying for years to keep the liberating truth revealed in CtC from the eyes of the American people. . Keeping that truth alive and available requires your help! Make your donation now to help preserve the rule of Law Send your contribution to this effort to: Peter Hendrickson 232 Oriole., commerce Twp., michigan, 48382 Please do your part!

you do need to learn the liberating truth about the tax, like these folks have done: "Your book is a masterpiece! michael Carver, jd "Thank you so much for your exquisitely documented and beautifully written "Cracking the code"- "This book is a masterpiece of analysis, clarity and revelation.". Christiane sauter, syracuse, new York "I just finished reading Cracking the code yesterday and I must congratulate you on this fine piece of work. I have spent several thousand hours in the law library researching these and other legal issues, and your book is a masterpiece." Gerald Brown,. D., author of 'cooperative federalism' and co-author of 'In Their Own Words' "After reading your book, i knew that you had found the answer that everyone has been looking for." Arthur Pollock, perryville, maryland Thanks again for your efforts, pete. They mean an awful lot to a lot of people.

As an attorney, i am humbled by your knowledge and ability in navigating the law. . thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. Eric Smithers, jd thank you for your superb work." Chet West, woodland Park, colorado "After receiving Ctc i read it in a day or two (every spare minute i could get). It is the best book- the best material- i have read yet on the income tax issue." "Thank you for your research and your great book." Robin Kartchner, Pleasant Grove, utah "Wow! I've been studying this for 10 years and haven't gotten anything as clearly as you have put it in your book. I will be ordering more copies to put into the hands of everyone i know! I cannot thank you enough for your time and research." joyce cox, Afton, wyoming "I am an attorney and want to give a testimonial to your book, which I find to be compelling. I am exercising these rights for myself and my adult children.

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In that book you'll learn the truth about the 16th Amendment, and the truth about the tax- including how the myths about both are used against the unwary. . Order the book here, because the grown-ups already acting to enforce the law need you doing your part, too! by the way, some of the concrete tax-agency acknowledgements of the truth about the law happen only after strenuous resistance by the governments involved- but happen nonetheless, making them even more pointed evidence of the real nature of the tax. . see some examples here. All of these victories in enforcing our law against leviathan- the simple, no-hassle vast majority and the minority that have had to overcome obnoxious tax-agency misbehavior- have been happening continuously week after week for years now despite ever-increasingly-vicious disinformation and discouragement campaigns designed to suppress. CtC by the irs, the doj, the political hacks that have been looting America for decades and a lapdog mainstream media that is perfectly happy with the status quo are conducted because those responsible paperwork for them simply don't want you to read the book and. The political elite like spending your money (or seeing it spent in ways that suit their policy agendas and they will stoop to anything to discourage your interest, including slanderous character assassination, fraud, and worse. You do need to read the book. .

resume book reviews

This design relies upon each American being a responsible grown-up and using biography this control to keep our servant government on the leash and obedient to the fundamental law. The founders' fuel-supply-control mechanism remains fully intact (the 16th Amendment notwithstanding and all income-tax-related federal and state laws conform to that mechanism and its purpose faithfully and precisely. . The only thing lacking is you doing your part. I know this all sounds fantastic (as in, "a fantasy - but you did click on that link above, right? The reason this all seems fantastic is simply the success of that campaign to implant in your mind the myth that back in 1913, the American population got drunk one night and undid the constitutional structure of strict limits on federal taxing power (and thus. As ludicrous as it sounds when actually said, the myth declares that the elite, or the working class, or both together, somehow got it into their minds to unleash the junk-yard dog of government and authorize it to take anything or everything from anybody who. As you have now seen, this is pure hogwash. To learn the real story, read '. Cracking the code- the fascinating Truth About Taxation In America ' ctC. .

you to learn this truth. Learning the truth about the tax- along with how it works, how it is often misapplied, and what can and should be done when that has happened- is the only way to stop being an exploited victim of a decades-old scheme that is a national. More importantly, learning that truth transforms helpless victims into powerful, responsible, grown-up citizens of the constitutionally-limited American republic that the founders of this great country established for themselves and their posterity. I say "responsible, grown-up citizens" very deliberately. . As noted earlier, one of the key objects of the us constitution is to keep the federal government from being the master of its own fuel supply, lest it get out of control and burn down the house around us all. . Among the mechanisms deployed by the founders on behalf of this critically-important purpose was putting control over how much wealth the government could take directly from the citizenry entirely in the hands of each individual American. .

The federal government remained small and relatively harmless, operating almost entirely on modest revenue from import tariffs: American prosperity soared. In fact, the American economy grew at an average annual rate of 5 from the 1860s to the 1920s with full employment, a constantly- and dramatically-rising average standard of living, and virtually no inflation: But in the late 1930s, a by-then 20-year-old concerted effort. In particular, and most significantly, a mythology serving progressive, statist interests was developed concerning the legal nature of the income tax. This mythology (and the consequences it engendered) was rightly seen as the best mechanism by which American liberty and rule of law could be subverted and control over the resources of individual Americans could be transferred to those in command of the State. Consequently, one supremely important step for any American wanting to enjoy the benefits of his or her heritage as a free human being within the structure erected by the founders for that purpose is coming to understand: the liberating truth house about the income tax. Here's the liberating truth iutshell: The income tax is a benign, constitutional tax that simply doesn't apply to the earnings of most Americans. The tax laws themselves, scores of United States Supreme court rulings, and every other relevant authority all acknowledge this truth in no uncertain terms. The federal and state governments acknowledge this themselves, and have been doing so for years now since this book first revealed the truth about the tax in complete and comprehensive detail in 2003. These acknowledgements take the form of tens of thousands of complete, 100 refunds of every penny paid-in by, or withheld from, American men and women in connection with the income tax- social Security and Medicare taxes included.

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Welcome to the home of the scary, bracing and liberating truth about our american heritage. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. james Madison, this website is dedicated to helping American men and women resume their rightful stature as the masters and mistresses of their own lives and fortunes, just as was intended by the founders of this great country. Achieving that end involves nothing more than.) gaining an accurate understanding of our legal, economic and political structure as designed and implemented in our fundamental law;.) learning how that structure has come to be widely misunderstood by the American people generally;.) learning. One of the most important areas of our fundamental law concerns control over individual labor and property. Intending to establish a society based on individual liberty, america's founders designed our legal report structure so as to ensure that to the greatest degree possible- consistent with the need for securing that liberty against internal and external threats- an individual's control over his or her. The reason for this specific attention was two-fold: Individual control over one's own labor and property was recognized by the founders as the essence of the individual liberty which was the point of the whole exercise; further, individual control over labor and property was also. The structure designed with these principles at its heart worked magnificently for the 150 years or so that it remained widely understood.

resume book reviews
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