Girl on a train plot summary

The girl on the Train by paula hawkins

girl on a train plot summary

Plot Summary of The Blue hotel by Stephen Crane

Charm doesn't run in the family. Peter Parker is announced, raising eyebrows in the room. Harry steps out to see peter. They haven't seen each other in years. He came to check in on his old friend in the wake of his father's passing. After an awkward moment, the friends reconnect with a laugh.

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Minutes later, a newscast announces Norman Osborn's death. Gwen receives a quick message about good news regarding her scholarship; meanwhile, most of Oscorp is being allowed to leave early to attend a memorial for Norman, but Max is told by his supervisor (B.J. Novak) to stay behind and check resume out a problem with the bio-electric power grid. The thesis room is a mess of electric eel tanks and strange equipment. Max calls a colleague to deactivate the system for safety purposes, but the colleague refuses, saying he's on his way out the door. Max nevertheless tries to repair the system, but ends up electrocuting himself and falling into the tank of eels. His transformation has begun. Meanwhile in a boardroom, harry is being informed of various Oscorp troubles. He twirls the drive while responding to the information. He couldn't care less about it all, and sees that the board doesn't respect him. Consequently, he lashes out with his disdain for them, elevating his father's assistant, felicia hardy (Felicity jones as his second-in-command.

Meanwhile, harry Osborn arrives home to visit his ailing father. Norman looks awful; his skin is discolored and his hands are claw like. He's bedridden and looks like he's at the end of his rope. Norman derides Harry for not achieving more. They have a fractured relationship. It is as bitter as Norman's illness. He says the disease is genetic and implies that Harry will succumb to the same fate. He asks to see harry's hand and notices that it is shaking; a symptom of the illness. He hands Harry a drive with his research.


girl on a train plot summary

The mystery of the Blue train - wikipedia

He encourages the kid, much like he did with Max at the beginning of the movie. During an extended montage, a talk radio debates rages while he saves a girl, changes clothes, saves a bodega and mingles with costumed New Yorkers. Of course, he still keeps an eye on Gwen every now and then. After a cute scene with Aunt may, we cut to max Dillon, who has really flipped out after his chance meeting with Spider-Man. He seems to have created an alternate Spidey persona with whom he engages in a meticulously crafted fantasy. Oscorp is developing a new power grid system and Max is part of the team. Max's delusion may have spilled over into his work life too. He shares an elevator with Gwen with whom he shares his Spider-Man story. Unbeknownst to him, Gwen appreciates book his fascination.

Peter catches a glimpse of Captain Stacey standing with his family and hears his voice in his head. That evening, peter shows up to the date, but won't come into the Chinese restaurant that Gwen and her family are. Gwen meets him at the door and they talk again about her dad and the promise peter made. Peter is torn, but Gwen really isn't having. Peter loves her, but he couldn't handle losing her because of his actions. Gwen decides to break it off. The next morning, peter is on another visually stunning city patrol. Falling and swinging as the wind ripples his Spidey suit. As a radio call-in show plays in the background, Spidey rescues a grade school kid and his science project.

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girl on a train plot summary

Shakespeare's As you like it Plot Summary

The p-238 is bouncing all over the place as Spidey tries to avert disaster, catching, juggling and swinging like a chandelier. As he bounds out to recover one last vial, his phone rings. Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is at their high school graduation waiting for him. As he playfully banters with Gwen he imagines that he sees her disapproving father riding by in an nypd patrol car. He remembers his broken promise to leave gwen alone (from the first Amazing Spider Man film). Gwen is called up to deliver her valedictory speech.

Cut back to the truck chase. The next sequence bounces feminism back and forth between the speech and Spidey trying to stop the truck. Parker's Spider sense triggers into a slow motion shot as he leaps over a bus to protect some pedestrians. Finally, spidey subdues Sytsevich, grabs the p-238, makes it to graduation and kisses Gwen on stage! (Note: Spider Man and comic book creator Stan lee has a cameo as an elderly man at the graduation who sees Peter change out of his Spider Man costume). Aunt may (Sally field) takes pictures of the new graduate before sending him off with Gwen. They make a date where peter will join Gwen and her family for Dim Sum at 8:00.

The goons (Dusan Hyska andrei runtso) blow the hatch and hop into the van. There's a container of yellowish vials that are their target. Spidey hops onto the tow truck and engages in some Spidey banter with Sytsevich (who clearly has no idea who he is). As the goons prepare to hijack the plutonium, we cut to a oscorp employee the socially inept geek max Dillion (Jamie foxx) stumbling through a crowd with an armful of blueprints. Naturally, the prints get knocked from his hands and roll into the street just as Spidey and Sytsevich barrel around the corner.

Spidey leaps to the rescue and prevents Max from being squashed by a cab. Spidey hands him the plans and notes that he works at Oscorp before leaping away. Sytsevich, clearly ignorant of the dangers of radioactive material, slams into a bunch of cars, tossing the goons and the p-238 around in the van. Dozens of cop cars crash into the truck pinning. The goons burst from the van firing at the cops with automatic weapons. Strands of web shoot from above, yanking the goons and suspending them over the cops. Sytsevich takes his chance to escape.

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The plane plummets to its doom and cut to black. Present day, music rings in as the camera follows business Spider-Man falling to earth. A stunning sequence follows Spider-Man playing webbing his way through the city. He overhears a helicopter radio announcing a plutonium shipment under siege at Oscorp. Spidey swings into action to help. A big tow truck is being driven by a bald guy with a russian accent, Aleksei sytsevich (Paul giamatti). He's bashing lots of Manhattan vehicles as he tows/steals the Oscorp truck. Armed assistants set explosives to blow the hatch as the russian rolls over police cars. Spidey swings impressively through buildings in hot pursuit.

girl on a train plot summary

Richard desperately overcomes the storage thug. Mary reminds Richard to finish the upload just as the thug roars back to life! They scrap back and forth as we see the pilot (Timothy Adams) is dead and the plane falls into a steep dive. Thug shuts down the laptop again as Richard realizes his fate is sealed. Mary is dead; there's no getting out of the situation. However, the file upload to roosevelt has to be completed. Richard shoots out a window and holds onto the laptop with the strongest Cat-5 cable in existence. The hitman flies out the window to his death and Richard confirms that the file is transferred.

the man has gone to a sink and appears to be washing blood off his hands. He is very suspicious and wary of the guy's behavior. Suddenly, the crew guy pulls a gun and threatens Richard. He locks Mary in the bathroom and prepares to shoot Richard. As Richard uploads the file, mary realizes something is wrongs and bursts out. A struggle ensues and Mary is shot!

He hears Peter call for him and really cuts his message short. Rushing up from the basement, he sees that the house has been ransacked. Someone is looking for the files he took. A car pulls up as Mary says goodbye to peter. Richard grabs her away. Peter is clearly distraught. He touches Richard's hand for one last time and stares at them from the front door. Richard and Mary are on a private jet. Mary mentions that she has found somewhere safe for them to stay as Richard uploads project files from his laptop.

Luckiest Girl Alive: a novel: Jessica Knoll

The movie opens with a close-up on fingers furiously typing on a keyboard. Files are being deleted from a system. Spiders kept in tubes as research test subjects are killed en masse with poison gas. A bespectacled figure checks vials, some of which feature the mother skull and crossbones. A shot reveals it's Peter Parker's father, richard Parker (Campbell Scott). Suddenly, his computer access is cut off and he can't complete his mission to destroy the project files. Richard dashes from the Oscorp building on his way home to peter and his wife, mary (Embeth davidtz). Richard is recording a message with a webcam. "People will say i'm a monster for what i've done".

girl on a train plot summary
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The two friends then end up in a drunken race, where the question of who gets the girl will be decided at a train crossing. The girl on the Train is a 2015 novel by British author paula hawkins.

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  1. Plot Summary: Insurance salesman Michael is on his daily commute home, which quickly becomes anything but routine. horny (Hopkins a girl gets sexually aroused every time she takes the subterranean; in Grasshopper (Huda youngsters, police. the d train together on the internet, he learns about a secret subway station along the d line that was used to transport President. temny pripad Omega Station (tv episode 2015) on imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

  2. My one-sentence summary of The girl on the Train : Emily Blunt gives the best performance in a lifetime movie this year. i think we will just about slip in before the market becomes too saturated. sandy howard, co-producer of terror Train, in Variety.

  3. Matrix (1999) on, imdb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. to get on a scaffolding and take it to the roof neo rejects Morpheus's advice. Paula hawkins, The, girl on a, train There is one sub- plot involving Megan which adds a good twist to the tale. day by train to maintain.

  4. le marais : A couple comes to a printer and while the woman discusses a project with the owner, her friend flirts with one employee. the, train (2016) Rebecca ferguson, tate taylor, Emily Blunt, luke evans, and Haley bennett at an event for The. Girl on the, train (2016).

  5. After staying with Willie over a week, eva leaves to board a train to Cleveland, where her Aunt Lottie lives. Eric is non-functional on guys' night out, focussed on a girl he sees at the bar, which triggers flash-backs to his time with Gretchen. She puts a note written in Russian on a table before quietly stepping out of the house.

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