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short essay on hospital

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There is a lot of corruption at various levels in the healthcare industry. Everyone wants to make money even if it is at the cost of someones health. The staff employed at the government hospitals are also not committed to serve the patients properly. There are several cases wherein the reports get misplaced and medicines are not given timely to the patients. Besides, there is mismanagement when it comes to supply of medicines and medical equipments to the hospital. Not only the patients, doctors also face problems in such a set. The duty of the doctors is to check the patient, diagnose the problem, carry out treatment and monitor the condition of the patient.

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Those selected in this test are supposed to qualify in the counselling and interview round to grab a seat. Conclusion, while people trust their lives with doctors, certain cases in the past have shaken their faith. It is essential for the doctors to stay true to their profession. Doctor Essay 3 (400 words introduction, doctors, in India, are given a high stature. However, the healthcare industry in India is not at par with that in the first world countries. Even though we have good facility to study medicine and also have a pool of talented doctors, there is still a long way. Doctors and healthcare in India, here is a brief look at the condition of the healthcare industry and doctors in our country: Numerous private nursing homes and hospitals are being slang set up in India. The irony is that none of these is being set up with the aim of serving the public. These are just there to do business. The government has set up numerous government hospitals. Many of these have a good infrastructure however most are not being managed well.

Medicines and treatments for various diseases and illnesses that were not available earlier have now been developed. Medical technology has also enhanced over the time. If we have good doctors and medical facilities in our vicinity it offers a sense of relief as we know we have instant help at hand. How to become a qualified Doctor? Several friendship students aspire to take to the medical profession and become a doctor. The first step towards this is to appear for the national Eligibility cum Entrance test (neet) that is conducted each year to select students for mbbs and bds courses in government and private medical institutes across the country. It is essential to have physics, chemistry and biology as core subjects during your 11th and 12th standard if you want to appear in this entrance test. A minimum percentage criterion is also set.

short essay on hospital

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They are considered to be life saviours. In our routine life, we often encounter health issues that are beyond our comprehension. We require help from a doctor to understand the problem and also to get it cured. The condition may get worse without medical intervention. Doctors are thus considered to be life saviours. They spend numerous years of their lives studying medical science. Once they from gain theoretical and practical knowledge about this field, they are given thorough training to handle the profession they are aiming to dive into. The medical profession has evolved over the centuries and is still evolving.

Though India has a number of talented doctors however the healthcare sector here is not that good. Many qualified doctors these days are flying abroad to seek better opportunities. Aspiring doctors are also going abroad to study medicine and settle there. Doctor Essay 2 (300 words introduction, doctors have been given a high status in our society. The medical profession is considered to be one of the noblest professions. It is also a profession that helps earn lucrative income. Doctors are life saviour. Doctors are essential for any society.

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short essay on hospital

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Doctors are considered to be one of embarrassing the most important parts of the society. Having a hospital, nursing home or a doctors clinic nearby is one of the first things one sees while looking for a house. This is because having medical help nearby gives a sense of security. Doctors specialize in various fields homework to provide specialized treatments to the patients. Some of these include anaesthesiologist, cardiologist, allergist, gynaecologist, immunologist, neonatologist, oncologist, radiologist, obstetrician, physiologist and paediatrician. Most people visit general physicians when faced with any medical issue.

These doctors examine the patients and prescribe them medicine and also refer them to specialist doctors if they need. While people should trust doctors with life, a lot of mistrust is being spread off late. Doctors these days dont carry out practice with the aim to cure the patients but to make money. People are suggested to get several tests done even if they visit for a simple medical problem. The government hospitals and clinics claim to provide medical services free of cost however there is a lot of corruption at these places as well.

His expression then changed to confusion which made me laugh even harder. When I have finally got grip of myself, he told me he didn't understand what I found so hysterical. "The way you reacted. How you look so concerned. I haven't seen one for a long time and now it looks quite funny to me". He smiled a sly smile, probably not knowing what to say at my pathetic self.

I took the liberty to ask him the how's and why's that had been buzzing in my mind from the moment I woke. He was about to answer my question. A doctor is a medical practitioner who conducts health check-ups and diagnoses any issues related to a persons mental or physical health. Doctors are an integral part of the society. Doctors specialize in different fields to treat and cure different kinds of health problems. The field of medical science is vast and it takes years of education and rigorous training to get into this profession. Paragraph on Doctor, national Doctors day, here are doctor essays of varying lengths to help you with the topic whenever you required. You can select any essay on doctor according to your need: Doctor Essay 1 (200 words).

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Finally snapping myself out, "Christina Clark i squeaked out. "Well hello there, tina. It's a pleasure to summary meet you" he flashed the white pearls he has as teeth again, looking ever so dashing. I glowered at him. I despised the name. Before i had a chance short to say anything he interrupted by apologising and asking what's wrong. I took a long hard stare at his concerned face and I bursted into laughter.

short essay on hospital

I heard one lady scream. The pain jolted throughout my show more content, while i was staring at him, wondering what a fine man like him doing in my hospital bedroom, he was probably thinking why the jawaharlal hell am I pathetically sprawled on the bed. After a few moments that felt like eternity, he finally came up to me and helped me lie back down properly. A few minutes passed in awkward silence. Eventually, he finally broke. "Forgive me if I startled you he said, "my name is Anthony by the way. No, not because i was shy. As a matter of fact, i was too mesmerized by his charming smile.

and took in the deserted, blue and white colour schemed hospital bedroom. How long have i been here? I shut my eyes, trying to remember what had exactly happened. Then it all hits me with a bang. The memory of it all starts to occupy my thoughts. The cold air hitting my face as I plummet towards the gravel. Some panicking, some remained still.

As these hospitals, there are very well-equipped facilities and expert doctors. These hospitals are considered the best places for effective treatment. The doctors and nurses works effortlessly in doing their duties to the patients. . The atmosphere in the hospitals should be pleasant so the the patient can feel comfortable. However, some hospital doesnt provide the expected service to its patients. They neglect their duties toward the patients. This should not happen. The doctors should always treats their patients with utmost care, considering their lives very precious. I woke up to the pungent smell of hospital disinfect, invading my nostrils.

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A hospital is a place where the sick and the injured are taken for treatment. The doctors and nurses are readily available there for admitting and attending on their patients. They are employed by the hospitals to nurse the sick back to heath. In the nineteenth and the twentieth centurys medical science made remarkable progress and the cures for almost all the diseases were found. Both in the spheres points of medicine and surgery the prolonged researches were rewarded with epoch-making achievements. The dedicated teams of doctors and nurses delivers the message of hope to their patients in the hospitals. All over the world, hospitals are built to treat and cure thousands of the sick patients.

short essay on hospital
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Care Acute care is medical treatment at a hospital which is short-term. a visit to hospital gives a feeling of shock.

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  1. Essay on a visit to hospital in English for students. Short essay in 170 words about visit to hospital for students. English Essays on a visit. Free essays from Bartleby the case of the Unhealthy hospital Anthony.

  2. Hospitals are very essential for any society. Hospitals, doctors and nurses insure good healthcare of the people. Learn more about the importance of hospital.

  3. Hospital a hospital is a place where the sick and the injured are taken for treatment. Short Paragraph on HospitalityIn Essays. A hospital is a place where a person goes to be healed when he or she is sick or i njured. This short article about medicine can be made longer.

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