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fundations homework

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17:44:20 b457144n Gregor_Marco, who is doing Ethiopia? 17:44:24 h01ger l-fy, i dont think we should duplicate infrastructures. More work, more likely to fail, etc 17:44:44 * b457144n agrees with h01ger about infra 17:44:45 crazy-chris l-fy: what would you like to have on this extra website? 17:44:48 Gregor_Marco link z/ 17:45:20 * h01ger proposes to create a project on ptop. Org so that we have a vcs repository. Should i send a mail and ask for one?

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Org wiki, with a dedicated domain for easier handout. (think fo redirecting (or promptly linking) to laptop. Org/Go/Europe) - and i dont want to discuss this details here and now 17:42:05 b457144n but I don't have the time or experience to do that on my own 17:42:05 vircuser log please 17:42:13 crazy-chris b457144n: starting virginia guide is great. There can be a lot of connection done, since there are pilots in many european countries 17:42:29 h01ger vircuser,. Backlog at ml :-) 17:42:37 b457144n crazy-chris: do we have a list of that? 17:42:45 crazy-chris we make a todo list right now 17:43:08 b457144n crazy-chris: I mean a list of pilots 17:43:25 network h01ger crazy-chris, can you create the todo list on ptop. 17:43:25 * b457144n thinks a todo list is a good idea as well 17:43:27 crazy-chris ptop. Org/go/olpc_Europe/todo 17:43:28 Gregor_Marco starting guide would be great, the exchange of experiences (in pilots) is very important. That is a big problem in Ethipia 17:43:37 h01ger crazy-chris, cheers! 17:44:09 l-fy well, can i have a proposal for olpce website?

Org/go/olpc_Europe 17:38:54 h01ger crazy-chris, yes 17:39:10 h01ger agreed we eksempel want to help remote deployments too. 17:39:20 l-fy if we can't even do a mail list how can we do an organization? 17:39:39 crazy-chris l-fy: please try to be constructive 17:39:40 h01ger topic (15-20min) Participation - who wants to get involved / spending his/her time on what topic(s) 17:39:48 h01ger l-fy, we have a list. 17:39:50 h01ger hi maks_ 17:40:09 crazy-chris so participation 17:40:26 h01ger l-fy, do you want to work on the olpc europe website? 17:41:04 * ryd want t-shirts 17:41:08 l-fy h01ger i've already offered my self voluteer for putting up the mail list and also one. At friends offered a virtual machine fully for the olpc europe 17:41:35 b457144n i'd like to work on a guide for setting up a local pilot. And for remote deployments too, for that matter. 17:41:39 crazy-chris l-fy: what would you want to do except the mailing list? 17:41:56 Gregor_Marco we want to help getting more transparency in Europe, we already work on concepts 17:42:02 * h01ger wants to network with people and help with the website, which imo should be mostly in the laptop.

fundations homework

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17:36:43 crazy-chris l-fy: 17:36:49 l-fy long i wait i decrease the chances to have an olpc linux. Ro 17:36:56 b457144n. People in nl are trying to setup up a project in Suriname, but we have no clue how people analysis can support deployment 17:37:34 l-fy so i agree that will not be the mail list the starting point, but something else but we need a starting. 17:37:45 crazy-chris we have the starting point *here* 17:37:46 b457144n boston is more focussed on large deployment than givemany of a few hundred laptops 17:38:00 b457144n i suspect. 17:38:03 l-fy crazy-chris here is nothing as long as you don't exist for the outside world 17:38:13 Gregor_Marco agree, we want remote deployments too 17:38:28 l-fy agree h01ger and Gregor_Marco 17:38:37 crazy-chris next topic? 17:38:47 l-fy a starting point? 17:38:47 h01ger l-fy, thats "bringing our thesis vision to the world" but not "defining our vision" - which is the currnet topic 17:38:51 crazy-chris ptop.

17:34:11 l-fy plus that if we make a mail list we can keep the history in the same place and no one can say that we didn't had a debate 17:34:32 l-fy because is a starting point since we've already agree that we want olpc. 17:34:55 l-fy ryd 5 17:35:15 h01ger does anybody agree with l-fy that we need a europe list now? Otherwise i'd say, lets move. (and sorry l-fy 17:35:19 * crazy-chris suggests discussing that next week again 17:35:24 l-fy wait 17:35:29 ryd l-fy: for me, i have more and not want any more 17:35:30 crazy-chris i'd say no also 17:35:31 yokoy no, we do not need it yet 17:35:33 l-fy. In a month, yes 17:35:46 l-fy ok, can we talk about a starting point or a road map? 17:35:52 yokoy l-fy: yes, maybe in a few weeks 17:35:56 l-fy ok 17:35:59 h01ger ok 17:36:04 h01ger anything else to vision? 17:36:05 b457144n i agree with rwh that we do want to make it easier for people to help setup remote deployments. 17:36:08 l-fy unfortunatlly is something i have to mention 17:36:23 l-fy romania is one of the countries where microsoft is porting Windows on olpc 17:36:43 h01ger l-fy, how is that related to defining our vision?

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fundations homework

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17:28:15 Gregor_Marco we agree with l-fy. The best way, olpc europe could help, is to become a summary good contact point to boston, a channel, so that local grassroots don't need to contact boston semself 17:28:19 h01ger _bernie, aferti,. Backlog at ml :-) 17:28:29 crazy-chris Gregor_Marco: absolutely 17:28:34 _bernie h01ger: thanks! 17:28:45 * h01ger nods b457144n and Gregor_Marco 17:28:47 aferti regards to europe on my behalf too. 17:28:56 crazy-chris this could take a bit of work off the mit people and focus discussions 17:29:04 ChristophD _bernie, hey 17:29:10 * h01ger waves over the ocean 17:29:17 Gregor_Marco yes, chris 17:29:35 h01ger agreed The best way, olpc europe could help, is to become. 17:29:50 rwh If i understand correctly people are interesting in deploying xo's locally, not in remote developing countries (which is what I had expected)?

17:30:17 Gregor_Marco no 17:30:18 crazy-chris b457144n: this will evolve 17:30:39 * h01ger nods crazy-chris. OO( mail and irc mostly, i guess 17:30:42 Gregor_Marco rwf: olpc for everyone :-) 17:30:49 crazy-chris yes, and we can discuss things on the grassroots list, before contacting boston people 17:31:19 h01ger rwh, thats the goal of olpc. We are olpc europe and most of us also intend to work in olpc 17:31:35 aferti btw, here. 17:31:37 h01ger imho 17:31:45 crazy-chris how do you all feel about the grassroots and a seperate europe mailing list? 17:31:52 rwh h01ger: the goal on olpc is *mostly* aimed at developing countries I would say 17:32:03 crazy-chris grassroots okay for all or any protests 17:32:05 * h01ger thinks its not neccessary yet (a europe list) - later, yes 17:32:20 yokoy h01ger: agree 17:32:20. 17:32:58 h01ger agreed we will use the grassroots lists for now - maybe, probably, later a dedicated list is fine. 17:33:12 l-fy wait 17:33:17 l-fy i have something to say on this point 17:33:41 * crazy-chris reminds: half-time 17:33:42 l-fy i want a europe mail list because it will speed up things a lot 17:34:10 ChristophD how will it speed things up?

17:22:44 b457144n if not let's move to the next point 17:22:52 h01ger yokoy, olpc is political, for sure. But i'm not conviced olpc europe should be political, even despite what l-fy says. (because in germany, brussels is completly irrelevant regarding school education) 17:22:59 crazy-chris what can we see in o-e? 17:23:13 h01ger agreed take 'political' out from the text, and see how will/can be political 17:23:20 sj hiya 17:23:28 l-fy hi sj 17:23:31 crazy-chris hey 17:23:44 l-fy next point pilot project 17:23:49 h01ger sj,. Backlog at ml :-) 17:23:59 b457144n l-fy: you take the words out of my mouth 17:24:16 * h01ger doesnt think we are done yet 17:24:18 l-fy i think that olpc europe should help people that want to do pilot projects in their country and they.

We have no money, and who has time? 17:25:05 h01ger crazy-chris, exactly 17:25:07 crazy-chris we can share information and contacts though 17:26:08 h01ger regarding our vision and the rest of the agenda, i would suggest to send this document to the grassroots lists now and discuss it there and in the next meeting. (hopefully 17:26:09 crazy-chris anything 'pilots'? 17:26:24 l-fy crazy-chris you don't have the money and the time 17:26:29 * crazy-chris agrees 17:26:34 l-fy but maybe i'm willing to help Bulgaria 17:26:36 b457144n i thinks to point is that oplc-europe shouldnt do pilots but help with exchanging experiences etc 17:26:40 l-fy. 17:28:06 h01ger agreed olpc europe doesn't do pilots but helps the grassroots 17:28:09 b457144n. We can build on eachothers promotional material, implementations scenarios, etc.

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17:16:55 mother h01ger other opinions? 17:17:02 Gregor_Marco we think a key aspect is transparency in both ways europe grassrooots boston 17:17:12 l-fy to be honest, i don't care much about the development, because that will happend anyway and yes i do think is important to syncronize but open source developers. I would rather (as the document does) focus on documenting what we intend to do 17:18:51 b457144n i agree with l-fy that olpcs goals are intrinsically political 17:19:10 l-fy can we vote on that point 17:19:11 l-fy? 17:19:13 * Gregor_Marco agree with holger 17:19:29 l-fy i mean about political side? 17:19:29 * ryd agree to h01ger 17:19:46 h01ger we wont lobby in brussels. We will lobby in berlin, paris, bucarest, etc. (and maybe in hamburg, lyon, etc too) 17:19:55 crazy-chris yes 17:19:59 l-fy political usually means to get support from olpc europe if local grassroots require on the political side 17:20:07 * b457144n agrees with h01ger 17:20:22 l-fy h01ger for the me is important that we will.

fundations homework

3min break so everybody can catch up with those documents 17:12:44 crazy-chris sorry for the late docs; we are working day and night 17:13:04 Gregor_Marco very good starting point, thanks. 17:13:26 h01ger yokoy,. Backlog at ml :-) 17:13:47 yokoy h01ger: thx 17:13:54 yokoy hallo everybody 17:13:54 crazy-chris the thinking was done by aaron, me and an overhaul with holger 17:14:18 * h01ger likes the guidelines except he would write down that olpc europe will not become a political. I agree its no priority but i wouldnt say its a core principle not to be one 17:14:31 h01ger s/would/would not/ 17:14:39 l-fy ok 17:14:47 crazy-chris vision - is not - going to act as political instrument 17:14:50 l-fy i don't agree with the points. thats exactly what i criticised 17:15:30 crazy-chris ah, okay 17:15:35 h01ger l-fy, with what exactly do you disagree and what do you propose? 17:15:40 l-fy ok, i see olpc in general that is a political project 17:15:58 l-fy so by default anything like a olpc europe will have a political goal 17:16:07 l-fy to get olpc in schools 17:16:44 h01ger l-fy, is this the only thing you disagree. 17:16:51 * h01ger trying to focus the discussion.

I work on telepathy for olpc 17:06:09 * vircuser diana cionoiu, romania, involved in "Asociatia pentru un Soft Liber trying to promote olpc. Ro 17:06:17 Christophd christophd christoph Derndorfer, also vienna, olpc austria, working on the Activity handbook 17:06:21 * b457144n resume is Bastiaan bakker software developer from the netherlands, currently involved in setting up olpc-nl grassroots, translating into dutch. 17:06:21 ryd jens muecke, openwrt developer, hamburg Germany 17:07:17 * rwh reinier heeres, dutch developer working as an intern for olpc on Sugar, read, calculate, journal 17:07:26 h01ger so currently we are from. De 17:07:45 crazy-chris where is fr? 17:07:52 crazy-chris 17:08:10 b457144n florian? 17:08:15 ryd nico is from. Fr 17:08:18 * h01ger suggests to move. I'll have to go in (about) an hour. 17:08:28 ryd me too 17:08:31 crazy-chris okay 17:08:49 * h01ger pings ryd Gregor_Marco kikka vircuser crazy-chris kiko christophD rwh sjoerd h01ger sj meetbot b457144n jaume canoeberry massoud cafl Nico florian @nbd and goes to the next point 17:09:06 h01ger topic Brainstorm / Vision: What purposes.

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Started logging meeting in olpc-europe, times are utc. 17:03:02 h01ger anybody can give link s which will show up in the minutes. 17:03:08 h01ger the other commands are for the chair 17:03:17 h01ger topic agenda 17:03:25 h01ger Agenda 17:03:26 h01ger Short introduction of ourselves (5 min) 17:03:26 h01ger Brainstorm / Vision (15 - 20 min) 17:03:26 h01ger What purposes could olpc europe serve 17:03:26 h01ger participation (15. (if known yet) 17:03:36 h01ger Which group would need how many xo laptops? (5 min) 17:03:38 h01ger next meeting (5 min) 17:03:40 h01ger link 17:03:51 h01ger topic Short introduction of ourselves 17:04:06 h01ger please introduce yourself, preferedly with your real name too 17:04:29 crazy-chris most know each other a bit, but it would be nice to introduce. Has been involved in the schoolserver, in and with debian on olpc (blog post pending - in debian i currently mostly do debian Edu (education) stuff and conference videos 17:06:02 h01ger anybody else here? 17:06:05 Gregor_Marco gregor resume Martynus marco rauschenbach, germany, we are interested in founding a german grassroots organizations and plan do be 2 months in ethiopia (olpc pilot) 17:06:06 * sjoerd Sjoer Simons. Debian developer from Eindhoven, The netherlands.

fundations homework
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