Femsa annual report

Femsa, annual, report 2017

femsa annual report

Femsa, annual, report 2017.: Coca-cola, femsa : Annual, report 2015 evolution

Bella vista, monterrey, nl, cp 64410, may collect and use information provided by you on this website website. Femsa collects only the information on this page asks for the following purposes: (a) For identification purposes, (b) for statistical purposes and / or (c) to time, contact you by email in order to respond your request and monitor frequency of use of this Website. The personal data we collect all the principles that makes the law (Article 6 legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, fairness, proportionality and accountability. Your personal information will never be disclosed or shared with third parties (no data transfer or give them a use other than that mentioned in paragraph 1 above, unless there is a change in this. However, we can hire an outside part to manage and administer the site and to support us to understand how visitors use. Although this third part may collect information about you on our behalf, we control the use of that information in accordance with this Notice. We do not market, sell or rent personal information about you to third parties without prior consent from you or the user's specific request as it could be in cases of merger, acquisition or sale of assets that make femsa. It is the warning that femsa may use "cookies" to confirm your identification, customize your access to this site and review their use for the sole purpose of improving navigation and functioning conditions, since by the above "cookies" not collect users' personal data in terms.

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Excellence in 21, brisa volume growth in colombia 1 million, people, activated, over the past three years we have benefited more than 1 million people through our health, nutritional, and good physical activity programs. We continue to deliver on our promise of sustainable growth at femsa. More stores, products, categories, markets, formats. More innovation, diversification, economies of scale. More segmentation, consumption, traffic. More revenues, profits, returns. And more jobs, investment, community impact. Our definition of growth is broad, ensuring we keep our focus on the horizon in order to thrive in the complex global environment in which we operate and create enduring value for all our stakeholders. In response to the, federal write Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals Act in force in Mexico, please note that this. Notice of Privacy of Personal Information notice describes as, fomento Economico mexicano, sab de cv and subsidiaries and / or Business Units femsa residing at: avenida general Anaya.

Excellence in, at Coca-cola femsa, every day we face the changing composition of our sales channels, emerging beverage alternatives, and a rapidly evolving consumer environment. To successfully transform these challenges into value opportunities, we continue to evolve culturally, attract, develop, and retain the best talent globally, magnify our diversified beverage portfolio, invest in our markets organic growth potential, and convert our geographic expansion into promising long-term growth, while building. Commercial, excellence in 9, powerade volume growth, us1 billion. Marketplace, investments, over the past three years, we have invested more than US1 billion in cooler placement and returnable bottles and cases. Distribution and logistics, excellence in 11, sidral mundet good volume growth in mexico. US260 million, logistics, investments, over the past three years, we have invested more than US260 millions to reinforce our distribution and logistics infrastructure. Manufacturing, excellence in 24, aquarius volume growth in argentina. US900 million, invested in, our plants, over the past three years, we have invested more than US900 million to reinforce our manufacturing infrastructure. Excellence in 26, royal volume growth in the philippines 20 months, share gains, in brazil, our continued focus on portfolio evolution and excellence in pointof-sale execution has enabled 20 consecutive months of market share gains in Brazils sparkling beverage category.

femsa annual report

Femsa, foundation, annual, report 2016

14 Cascade Investments llc edit On December 20, 2007, cascade Investments llc, proposal whose main partner is Bill Gates, announced it will invest 390 million in femsa. Citation needed lácteos Santa Clara edit In July 2012, femsa announced that it had purchased Lácteos Santa Clara, one of the life largest dairy bottlers in Mexico. 15 Subsidiaries edit In 2013 the femsa group acquired an 80 holding in the mexican arm of restaurant chain Gorditas doña tota for 120 mdd, their interest being limited to operations within Mexico. 16 Operations within the United States remain in the hands of the original business owners. 17 The company operates as a subsidiary of Femsa comercio. the company claims more than 200 restaurants in 60 Mexican cities and towns. 19 20 Gorditas doña tota started in 1952 when Carlota murillo of ciudad Victoria, tamaulipas began selling gorditas on the street, from a cart on the sidewalk. 19 see also edit references edit.

It also provides logistics services to third parties. Imbera edit Imbera, formerly known as Vendo de méxico,. (vendo is the 1 global commercial refrigeration manufacturer in the world. With facilities in Mexico, colombia, and Brazil, Imbera exports to 45 different countries and maintains alliances in Argentina, turkey, pakistan, and the Philippines. In addition, Imbera has sales offices in 8 countries and provides equipment maintenance in 9, including the us and Canada. 13 Plásticos Técnicos Mexicanos (PTM) edit ptm provides solutions and develops "plastic transformation projects" tailored to femsa enterprises and third-party clients in terms of materials handling, automobiles, and food/beverages. Their capacity includes the different plastic manufacturing processes: blowing, injecting, heat forming, and extrusion.

Coca-cola, femsa / 2016 Annual Report

femsa annual report

Cocacola Annual Report 2014

5 femsa biryani comercio edit femsa comercio operates oxxo, the leading convenience store chain in Mexico and a growing portfolio of other small-format retail chains in Latin America, as well as a network of retail service stations for fuel, lubricants and car care products in Mexico. 6 Investment in the beer Industry edit On January 11, 2010, the dutch brewing company heineken International purchased femsa cerveza, the beer operations of femsa, in a stock swap that left femsa a 20 owner in the heineken overall. 7 8 9 femsa cerveza previously owned Cervecería cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, the second largest brewer in Mexico, just after Grupo modelo. Since january 2006, femsa also owned 68 of femsa cerveja Brasil, a south American brewery founded in 1982 in Brazil as "Cervejarias kaiser." 10 by 2005 the brewery had.7 of the market share in Brazil with annual production of 2,500 million litres. The brand was bought by molson in 2002.

Following the sale to femsa, molson retained 15 of the company along with a seat on the board. 11 femsa negocios Estratégicos edit femsa negocios Estratégicos (formerly known as femsa insumos Estratégicos) provides logistics, point-of-sale refrigeration solutions and plastics solutions clarification needed to femsa's business units and third-party clients. 12 It is subsequently divided into: femsa logística edit femsa logística is in charge of the primary distribution (from production points to warehouses) of both Coca-cola femsa and heineken, as well as product delivery from warehouse to sales location for femsa comercio. It is also in charge of repairing and maintaining all of femsa's motorized vehicles. Femsa logística functions through operational bases, relief bases and cross-docks, and warehouses that are located throughout the country, and currently expanding into south America.

Coca-cola femsa distributes about 10 of the worldwide production of Coca-cola products. This makes it, after Coca-cola Enterprises the second largest Coca-cola bottler in the world. The company is owned.9 by femsa,.1 by The coca-cola company and the remaining interest trades on the new York Stock Exchange and the mexico city Stock Exchange. 2 The company is headquartered in Monterrey. The company is the bottler of Coca-cola in half of Mexico (including Mexico city, oaxaca, tabasco, guanajuato, querétaro, veracruz, puebla and Michoacan) the buenos Aires region of Argentina, são paulo and other areas of Brazil, greater guatemala city, guatemala, most of Colombia, and all. In 2015, the company distributed.4 billion unit cases of soft drinks.

A unit case is 24 8-oz. Servings (roughly.678 liters). The company also distributes beer and bottled water in some of its territories. 3 On December 19, 2006, coca-cola femsa announced its attempt to buy out Mexican juice producer Jugos del Valle. It was acquired in 2007. On, was announced that femsa will merge to the bottling division of Grupo tampico, agreeing to pay.3 billion pesos (790 million dollars ) in stock for the coke bottling operations of Grupo tampico. 4 In September 2011, coca-cola femsa acquired Grupo cimsa, a coke bottler in Morelos, mexico, guerrero and Michoacan.

Femsa annual Report 2017

It is a constituent of bill the. Ipc, the main benchmark index of the. Mexican Stock Exchange, and of the, s p latin America 40, which includes leading, blue chip companies from, latin America. Contents femsa divisions edit femsa is divided into four business units: Coca-cola femsa edit femsa owns.9 of the world's second largest bottler of Coca-cola, coca-cola femsa,. ( nyse : kof which operates in ten countries covering the metropolitan area of Mexico city, southeast Mexico, central America, south America and the Philippines. Coca-cola femsa is the anchor bottler of Coca-cola and its related soft drink products in much of Latin America. The company is an important part of the coca-cola system.

femsa annual report

It is also the second largest shareholder. Femsa reported revenues of US19.2 billion for 2014, making it the fifth largest company of Mexico. 1, it has operations in, latin America and the, philippines, mainly through bottling plants. It is well known in Mexico for its convenience store chain. Oxxo, its previously owned, cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery (exchanged essay in 2010 for a 20 stake. Heineken and for being the owner of the. Monterrey, a mexican First-division football team. Femsa is listed on the, mexican Stock Exchange since 1978 and in the, nyse through.

: fmx; bmv: femsaubd, femsaub) filed today its annual report on Form 20-F with the securities and Exchange commission (SEC) and its annual report before the comisión Nacional Bancaria y de valores (Mexican Banking and Securities Commission) and the bolsa mexicana de valores (Mexican. Shareholders may request a hard copy of these reports, which include femsa's audited financial statements, free of charge through the contact below. Contact: email protected (52) femsa is a leading company that participates in the beverage industry through Coca-cola femsa, the largest franchise bottler of Coca-cola products in the world; in the retail industry through femsa comercio, operating oxxo, the largest and fastest-growing chain of small-format stores. Fomento Económico mexicano,. V., doing business as, femsa, is a mexican multinational beverage and retail company headquartered in, monterrey, mexico. It operates the largest independent Coca-cola bottling group in the world and the largest convenience store chain in Mexico.

Bolsa mexicana de valores (Mexican Stock Exchange). These reports are available on femsa's investor relations website. Shareholders may receive a shmoop hard copy of the report, which includes femsas audited financial statements, free of charge through the contact listed below. Femsa is a leading company that participates in the beverage industry through Coca-cola femsa, the largest franchise bottler of Coca-cola products in the world by volume; and in the beer industry, through its ownership of the second largest equity stake in heineken, one of the. In the retail industry it participates through femsa comercio, comprising a retail division operating various small-format store chains including oxxo, a health division, which includes all drugstores and related operations, and a fuel division, operating the oxxo gas chain of retail service stations. Additionally, through its Strategic Businesses unit, it provides logistics, point-of-sale refrigeration solutions and plastics solutions to femsa's business units and third-party clients. Media contact (52) m, investor Contact (52) m/inversionista.

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Femsa annual report 2017, steady growth, sustainable performance see more, guiding our business growth see more. Creating sustainable value see more, building partnerships to scale our impact see more. Email, print Friendly, share, april 24, 2018 19:17 et, source: Fomento Economico mexicano multilang-release. Monterrey, mexico, april 24, 2018 (globe newswire) - fomento Económico mexicano,. femsa (nyse: fmx ) (BMV: femsaubd ) (BMV: femsaub ) has filed its annual report on Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2017 with the. Securities and Exchange commission (SEC) and its annual report, for the same period, with the. Comisión Nacional Bancaria brief y de valores (Mexican Banking and Securities Commission) and the.

femsa annual report
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  1. Unless femsa s economic interest in the heineken Group were to fall below 14 per cent, the current femsa control.

  2. Femsa 2018 Annual Conference. State of the fire service survey. Networking, Annual meeting, Trade Show Report Cards, governmental Affairs, Statistics, and. Overview 1 Performance highlights 2 key figures.

  3. femsa (nyse: fmx; bmv: femsaubd, femsaub) filed today its annual report on Form. A review of the 2016 Annual Report by coca-cola femsa. This review is part of the 2016 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition.

  4. femsa (nyse:FMX) (BMV:femsaubd) (BMV:femsaub) has filed its annual report. Coca-cola femsa Annual Report. Monterrey, mexico, april 5, 2013- fomento Económico mexicano,.

  5. At Coca-cola femsa, every day we face the changing composition of our sales channels. "femsa annual Report 2015". femsa press release - femsa agrees to Exchange beer Operations for 20 Economic Interest in heineken. Monterrey, mexico, april 24, 2018 (globe newswire) - fomento Económico mexicano,.

  6. In annual reports of femsa you can download our full versions of each year, as well as its financial and editorial version. 2017 femsa annual Report Micro site. 2015 femsa foundation Annual Report. Audit Committee annual Report.

  7. Femsa is driven by a corporate philosophy characterized by identifying and satisfying consumer demands, generating income for our shareholders, expanding social development and minimizing our environmental impact1. Our 2017 integrated Annual Report reflects our commitment to strong corporate governance and transparency. Coca-cola femsa launched its fourth annual employee engagement survey and gathered feedback from more than 21,000 participants.

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